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High-quality ABS plastic parts used in all refrigerator Special Materials and assure Nontoxic harmless. Circuit board using lead-free materials, Use of imported and domestic manufacturers electronic parts, lead-free and green environment. Using approved ROHS by SGS tested of insulation material. Using approved ROHS by SGS tested shell plastic powder. The door seal can be cleaned and disinfected, keep cleanliness and fresh. Low-noise design, to create a comfortable resting environment for hotel rooms.

Capacity: 32L/40L

Frequency: 220v

Power: 70w

Temperature control computer: 4-12°C(House tepm:25°C)

measurements:  32L ---410D*420W*460H (mm)

                       40L---- 410D*420W*540H 

Packing :  32L ---495D*475W*505H (mm) 

               40L---- 495D*475W*585H

N/G  Weight:   32L ---10.3/12KG


Fashion Designs

Air New 3D  function

Semiconductor silent refrigeration

 Lock  can  be  closed